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By Richard D. Nelson

Examines the booklet of Kings and treats the textual content as theological literature, emphasizing the literary influence of this mportant a part of the outdated testomony canon. He deftly attracts the reader into an intimate engagement with the textual content of Kings itself.

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He is as omniscient as the narrator himself, reporting events at Gihon, in the throne room and even in David's bed chamber. Through a subtle temporal distortion (he arrives at the moment of the trumpet blast, but reports the subsequent enthronement and blessing, vv. 4648), Jonathan brings news to Adonijah's potential supporters and to the readers as well. This causes Adonijah's public support to evaporate, but Jonathan has already made the common citizen's decision: "our lord King David has made Solomon king" (v.

And worship wood and stone" (Ezek. 20:32). The people violated dietary laws, lifted their eyes to idols, committed murder and fornication. They inquired of prophets but did not obey their words and treated them like artistic performers (Ezek. 33:2526, 3132). It is possible to learn a great deal about the intended audience of Kings by reading the book itself. Kings expects its audience to have read Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, and Samuel and makes reference to events, people, and laws in those books.

Those who remained in Palestine faced difficult times. Archaeology testifies to extensive destruction and serious depopulation in Judah. Territory in south Judah was being absorbed by encroaching Edomites. The temple was a ruin (Lam. 1:10; 2:7), although Yahweh worship of a sort continued on the site (Jer. 41:5). There was serious hunger, at least in the early years (Lam. 1:11, 19; 2:19b, 20; 4:4, 10). Those with control of stored provisions gained important influence (Jer. 41:8). The established social classes were upset (Lam.

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