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By Jason Colavito

May the tale of earth’s background be notably diversified than historians and archaeologists have led us to think? Cable tv, ebook publishers, and a bewildering array of web sites let us know that human heritage is a tapestry of extraterrestrial beings, Atlantis, monsters, and extra. yet is there any fact to those “alternatives” to mainstream historical past? given that 2001, skeptical xenoarchaeologist Jason Colavito has investigated the bizarre, the wild, and the wacky looking for the reality approximately historical background. He interrogates “alternative” history’s most crucial claims to bare the true evidence that take a seat in the back of the idea. What you're approximately to learn is a suite of 50 of Colavito’s top essays on faux background and fake claims, protecting every little thing from Atlantis to Chupacabra to Stonehenge to UFOs, or even the demonic strength of the standard dinner fork. throughout those essays Colavito shines the sunshine of cause to split truth from hypothesis, to reveal lies and fraud, and to resolve what’s in the back of claims for historic astronauts and “alternative” history—drawing at the genuine old texts TV’s speaking heads don’t wish you to really learn. If you’ve ever questioned even if cable television documentaries are telling you the reality approximately extraterrestrial beings and Atlantis, learn on and research what television won’t let you know approximately faking background…

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34] A critical difference between the lords of Venus, Blavatsky’s moon creatures, and Mythos beings (and indeed modern ancient astronauts) is that the Theosophical Venusians and lunarians are not envisioned as true extraterrestrials (in the modern sense) from distant star systems but as incarnations of spiritual beings who share a mystic connection to earth creatures and feel a spiritual calling to aid their brethren on earth. Here, the Venusians are inhabitants of Venus in the same sense that the angels of God were once thought to inhabit Venus, Mars, and the other crystalline spheres that surrounded the earth.

32] In other words, Lovecraft’s Mythos tales show us a fragmented, shifting, and uncertain view of the alien beings reflected through the biases and prejudices and mental limits of those who encounter them. II. Ancient Astronauts before Lovecraft The idea that life could exist on other worlds was not unique to Lovecraft, of course, and the concept had a long history dating back to early Greek philosophers who speculated on the nature of beings on other worlds. Anaxagoras (c. 500-428 BCE) proposed that life began from “seeds” that littered the universe; Anaxarchus (c.

49] Based on these close similarities, I would suggest that Bergier’s alternative explanation for Gurlt’s cube is dependent upon Lovecraft’s Trapezohedron. The most telling point is the last sentence of Bergier’s that I quoted above.

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