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Essentially the same results for species 1 and 4 were obtained using 32p. labelled species 4 mt DNA as probe (Figure 10). Here EcoRI fragments El, E2 and E3 of species 1 were homologous, with only trace amounts detectable in the other fragments. Similarly for species 5, where El, 2 and 4 contained the main homologous bands. For species 7, the only fragments which showed a high degree of homology to species 4 were E2, and E5, the rRNA genes. El also showed homology but to a lesser extent. p EXTRACHROMOSOMAL DNA 47 Figure 10.

We have observed recently a new fragment for species 7 dimers after digestion with Sail. For both species 4 and 5, a new band appears in EcoRI dimer digests at about 5x10^ dalton molecular weight, without any apparent loss of a fragment. This fragment is twice the molecular weight of E3 from species 4 and E4 from species 5. Comparing dimer to monomer digests, there is an apparent decrease in the intensity of these two fragments suggesting that two fragments are comigrating. In fact, as we will see, 42 3.

Except for yeast ( 9 ) and recently, Tetrahymena ( 1 0 ) these genes are close together on the mt genome. Biologically, the function and biogenesis of Paramecium mitochondria has been studied using microinjection techniques. Knowles ( 8 ) and Beale and Knowles ( 4 ) isolated antibiotic resistant mitochondria from different species and injected them into homologous and heterologous cells sensitive to the antibiotic. They were able to show that mitochondria from species 1 and 5 were essentially interchangeable, but that while species 1 and 5 mitochondria could function in species 7, the reciprocal "cross" was not allowed.

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