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I can't upload a lot that has now not been acknowledged by way of the opposite reviewers, other than that I personal hundreds of thousands of commentaries and this can be the simplest i've got ever learn. it really is technical relative to the occasions of Exodus and their which means, Jesus concentrated and conservative, but it reads like a singular. It used to be so necessary to me that I E-mailed Dr. Ryken and requested him to write down a statement on Ezekiel and Isaiah.Five stars doesn't do it justice.

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Where once there was only bondage and death, now Jesus brings liberty and life. In the words of the Apostle Paul, “I see another law . . making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? ” (Rom. 7:23b-25). THE PRO-LIFE RESISTANCE It is not easy to stand up to Satan, or even to stand up to one of his lackeys like Pharaoh. This is why Shiphrah and Puah are two of the great women of the Bible. ” Both of them lived up to their names.

Plan A was to beat the Israelites into submission with the rod of slavery. Plan B was to have their male offspring killed in secret (possibly Pharaoh thought that Hebrew girls would be assimilated by intermarrying with the Egyptians). Once both of his first two plans failed, plan C was death by drowning in the Nile. With this final, genocidal solution, Pharaoh’s murderous depravity was out in the open. He would not stop until all of Egypt was implicated in his crimes against humanity. This is the way evil spreads, unless it is stopped.

On the other hand, Pharaoh ruled with such an iron fist that it might not even have occurred to him that anyone would dare to disobey. Furthermore, the names Shiphrah and Puah are Hebrew, which makes it likely that these women were indeed Israelites. Another question concerns the number of midwives. If there were as many Israelites as the Bible says there were — hundreds of thousands in all — how could two midwives possibly be enough to care for so many pregnancies? The most likely answer is that Shiphrah and Puah were in charge of other midwives.

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