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By Katalin É. Kiss

Katalin Kiss, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, has introduced jointly during this quantity gigantic new ends up in a unique box of study. The textual content analyzes the syntactic and semantic results of occasion constitution. The reviews contained during this quantity try out the speculation that occasion constitution correlates with a couple of issues, together with note order, the presence or absence of the verbal particle, and the [+/- particular] function of the inner argument.

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Example text

47b) says that John is standing, and he is outside in the street; or the transitive (52a) expresses that Peter left a mistake, and the mistake is in the program (or perhaps: ‘Peter let there be a mistake, and the mistake is in the program’). The verbs prototypically appearing in this construction are verbs of position or spatial configuration. At the same time, process verbs expressing the activity of an agent can also combine with a locative particle: (54) a. Ja´nos John ‘John b. Ja´nos John ‘John fent dolgozik (az emeleten).

I conclude on the basis of the evidence listed in (i)–(v) that the particle is a phrase (an AdvP) consisting of a mere head. The facts in (i) and (iv) do not support the structure assigned to English particle verbs by Larson (1988b) and Winkler (1996), either. In their structure, the particle is a phrasal modifier of the V head: (89) VP V’ AdvP V However, if a modifier attached to a nominal is not a possible elliptical sentence, as was argued under (i) above, and cannot be followed by an emphatic is, as was shown under (iv), it is not clear why a modifier attached to the V should behave differently.

Zsuzsa a szoba´ba szaladt. ’ c. Istva´n az asztalra tette a ko¨nyvet. ’ (24) a. Ja´nos oda -vitte a ta´vcso¨vet. ’ b. Zsuzsa be -szaladt. ’ c. Istva´n le -tette a ko¨nyvet. ’ (25) a. Ja´nos oda -vitte a ta´vcso¨vet az ablakhoz. ’ b. Zsuzsa be-szaladt a szoba´ba. ’ c. Istva´n le -tette a ko¨nyvet az asztalra. ’ (23) In this type of sentence, too, the verb, and the terminative particle (or particle plus NP/PP complex) correspond to the two components of the complex event: the verb denotes the movement, and the terminative element denotes the resulting location of the moving theme.

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