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By N.A. Fuchs and R.S. Bradley (Auth.)

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G. n-propanol and aniline) can be explained by the inaccuracy of the accepted values of the vapour pressure and diffusion constant and by impurities in the liquid. ) is less good. Temperature ^o is the less reliable; this is clearly seen in the case of aniline where to is higher than the temperature of the air. Discrepancies in the temperature and in the rates of evaporation must both be due to the same cause, since large relative discrepancies between dS'/dQ (theor. ) are found in the same compounds.

Although of great interest, experiments in the Wilson cloud chamber are not very accurate. Vyrubov [75] studied the rate of evaporation of water drops of r = 1 mm falling in a vertical tube 1 metre long, down which there passed air heated to 40-100° at 1 m/sec. The drops fell into a vessel of water protected from evaporation by a layer of oil; their dimensions were determined from the gain in weight of the vessel. e. p. of the liquids, onto solid COg, solidified and were examined with a microscope.

ToD (c0 - ce)[l + p Sc1'^)1''r''·] ( 11. Y-». 29) / Putting /-! = (), we see that the term in brackets is the time θ0 required for complete evaporation of a drop of radius r . The graphs of Johnstone and Eades [54] of θ0 against lgr , constructed from this equation, are al- 46 EVAPORATION AND DROPLET GROWTH most linear· Hence one can calculate θ0 for the given experimental conditions· Finally, let us examine briefly the influence on the rate of evaporation of the free convection caused by the cooling of an evaporating droplet· This question is still confused.

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