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789 Charlemagne issues legislation against sorcerers and magicians for his entire kingdom. Ca. 906 An early version of the canon Episcopi, describing groups of women who believe that they fly through the night with the goddess Diana, appears in a collection of legal canons made by Regino of Prüm. 1022 The first known burning of heretics in medieval Europe occurs at Orléans. Ca. 1140 Gratian’s Decretum, one of the first standard texts of medieval canon law, includes several sections dealing with magic, sorcery, and superstition, including a version of the canon Episcopi.

Although there is no credible evidence of any direct connection between the modern and historical variants of witchcraft in the Western world, some individuals and groups within modern witchcraft maintain that such connections do exist, and certainly some groups outside of modern witchcraft persist in associating modern witches with historical stereotypes. DEFINITIONS Anyone trying to understand witchcraft in a broad yet accurate historical sense must confront a number of problems, of which perhaps none is more basic than the difficult question of how to define exactly what elements constitute witchcraft.

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