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By Rho Sigma, Edgar Mitchell

This vintage booklet on anti-gravity and unfastened strength is again in print. Written by way of a well known American scientist lower than the pseudonym of Rho Sigma, this publication delves into foreign efforts at gravity regulate and discoid craft propulsion. earlier than the quantum box, there has been 'ether'. comprises chapters on John Searle and Searle discs; T Townsend Brown and his paintings on anti-gravity; ether-vortex-turbines plus a Foreword via former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

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Millions of schoolchildren all over the world have learned for generations: "The laws of gravitation are well known and were firmly established by Sir Isaac Newton" (1642-1727). Einstein's general theory of relativity describes gravity as a field influence in universal space but also failed to identify the cause of gravity. Interestingly enough, Isaac Newton himself tried to be most careful in denying any "cause" in these laws. His laws of gravity, by now about 300 years old, accurately describe the effects of this universal force in a broad spectrum, without mentioning anything about its causes.

Early wave physicists postulated an 'ether' filling space and all transparent substances. , 1964 62 The Case for the ETHER 63 which fills space, including the space which appears to be occupied by matter; for to him the ether must also penetrate between the atoms, in the pores of matter. "* However, the concept of ether is by no means only a hypothesis of 19th century scientists. W. Richardson, Carl F. Krafft, and Sir Arthur Eddington, have affirmed their belief in the existence of the ether.

And, of course, it is entirely to be welcomed. On the other hand, our own Arthur C. ' "It is much more probable that the work is, by modern standards, proceeding on a quite modest and exploratory scale, and that we simply have to wait and see how it will turn out. We can at least hope that, if the effort persists, the physicists in the long run may provide the essential new and basic knowledge for the 'ignorant' engineers to use. At any rate, there is one conclusion which can, even at this juncture, be stated with certainty.

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