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We also use strips of micropore placed horizontally in the forehead, diagonally in the cheek and transversely from one side of the neck to the other from the submental crease as far as the vertical part of the neck at the level of the hyoid bone. The intention of this is to contain any distention of the tissues due to edema so as to avoid any internal sutures breaking during any sudden neck movement, which could lead to loss of some of the correction achieved. Of interest, we have observed that in those areas where micropore tape is used, bruising is substantially reduced.

Rarely is hair transplantation using the micrograph technique necessary. CONCLUSION As the popularity of endoscopy has grown, so has the number of technical variations. The experience reviewed here illustrates several key elements to successful forehead rejuvenation using endoscopy: adequate release of the periosteum, ablation of the depressor muscles of the brow and a suspension technique which is simple and reliable. Our results show that the endoscopic forehead lift consistently attenuates transverse forehead wrinkles, reduces the glabellar frown lines, and raises the eyebrows.

These problems include difficulty in closing the eyes, eye irritation and upper eyelid asymmetry. Of the periorbital complications, 95% will resolve with proper management. The remaining ones may require some minor revision procedure. Contour irregularities occur with overaggressive resection of the corrugator and procerus muscles. Careful visualization and resection, particularly in the region of the thin glabellar skin, minimize this complication. If it is significant, superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) grafting can be performed at the time of endoscopy, or fat injections can be performed if delayed irregularities are noted.

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