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The articles accumulated during this e-book are excited by the therapy of anaphora inside generative grammar, in particular, inside Chomsky's 'Ex­ tended general conception' (EST). because the inception of this thought, and nearly because the inception of generative grammar, anaphora has been a relevant subject of research. In present learn, it has, probably, develop into much more important, as an enormous concentration of analysis in such parts as syntax, semantics, discourse research, and language acquisition. starting within the early 1970's, and carrying on with to the current, Chomsky has constructed a entire syntactic idea of anaphora. The articles listed here are all on the topic of levels within the improvement of that thought, and will most sensible be understood on the subject of that improvement. hence, bankruptcy 1 offers a historic survey of Chomsky's EST proposals on anaphora, in addition to short symptoms of ways the current articles healthy into that background. a number of the articles the following (e.g. Chapters four, eight, and nine) proposed extensions of Chomsky's simple rules to a much broader diversity of phenomena.

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116) is to be understood as a "licensing condition ... " (115) I is BT-compatible with (a, /3) if: (A) a is an anaphor and is bound in /3 under I (B) a is a pronominal and is free in /3 under I (116) For some /3 such that (a) is true, I is BT-compatible with (a, /3): (a) a is an anaphor or pronominal and /3 is the least CFC containing y for which there is an indexing J (not necessarily the actual indexing) BT-compatible with ( a, /3) Since this theory is designed to allow environments in which either anaphors or bound pronouns can occur, the first question to ask is whether PRO is correctly excluded from such positions.

LASNIK 12 Earlier, Huang (1983) suggested an approach to the characterization of GC that was conceptually rather similar to this one, motivated by considerations to be considered immediately below. \) See Aoun (1985) for an approach to these phenomena conceptually similar to the one in OB, but foreshadowing certain aspects of the one in K of L. ROBERT FIENGO AND HOWARD LASNIK THE LOGICAL STRUCTURE OF RECIPROCAL SENTENCES IN ENGLISH 1973 1. INTRODUCTION In the following investigation we will consider the syntactic behavior and semantic interpretation of reciprocal sentences.

In both instances, there would be a trace in a position not susceptible to proper government. In a sense, in connecting conditions on traces and lexical anaphors in this way, the theory has come full circle. Recall that in OB, there was an attempt, abandoned in LGB in favor of the ECP, to derive a constraint on Wh-trace from the NIC. Now in K of L, we have the same connection, but in reverse: an analysis of NIC in terms of ECP,D The resulting theory handles a substantial range of cases in a reasonably straightforward way, and the rather problematic notion accessible SUBJECT is eliminated.

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