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By Donald Gowan

Utilizing a canonical strategy, within which he explores the previous testomony as a complete - instead of the lessons of person previous testomony authors - Professor Gowan strains the hopes of the folk of Israel for a greater destiny. He concludes that for God to make

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A new exodu s is anticipated, but i t will be s o much greater tha n th e forme r that th e fun damental expression o f Israel's faith, "As the LOR D lives who brought up th e people o f Israel out o f the lan d of Egypt" (cf . Exod . 20:2), will be replaced by a new one that celebrates the return of the diaspora to the promised land. Nowhere does the OT suggest that any other aspect of its hopes for the idea l future wil l have so fundamental a n effec t o n Israel' s confession of faith. Bu t in fact , thi s prediction ha s no t ye t com e true .

D . 70 wa s dealt with b y tw o apocalypti c writer s o f th e latte r pa n o f th e firs t centur y i n 2 Esdra s ( 4 Ezra ) an d 2 Apocalypse Baruch. A significantl y ne w featur e i n Jewish thinking about Jerusalem appears in these books; withou t in any way giving up their hope for the restoration of the earthly Jerusalem—once more in ruins—they now speak of a heavenly city that has existed since the creation of the world and that corresponds t o some extent with the city of this world. In 2 Esdras, probably th e earlie r of the two , Ezr a sees a vision o f a mothe r mourning her dead son and speaks to her of the tragedy of Zion until suddenly she i s transformed and h e see s a grea t city (9:38—10:27) .

23—25 ; T . (Arm] 19) . The concern abou t reunio n o f the twelve tribes reappears i n interesting ways in several o f these text s (T. Jos. [Arm] 19 ; As. Mos. 3:3—4:9 ; 2 Apoc. Bar. 78— 87). D . 70, frequently take s up the question of the meaning of exile, but the subject cannot b e pursue d furthe r i n thi s context. 12 The continuing eschatologica l quality of the hope for return, in rabbinic thought, is nicely illustrated by this saying from the Babylonian Talmud : Whoever goe s u p fro m Babylo n t o th e Lan d o f Israe l transgresse s a positiv e commandment, fo r it is said in Scripture, They shall be carried t o Babylon, and there they shall be, until the day that I remember them, saith the Lord.

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