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As with many different languages, Mandarin chinese language shows a wealthy number of methods in expressing the arguments of the predicator in a sentence. not like different languages, such version is usually with out any formal marking. past makes an attempt in explaining such phenomena frequently concentrate on the syntax as an explanatory software. This publication argues that an enormous majority of such argument constitution phenomena are higher accounted for by way of recourse to enriched representations in lexical semantics. Drawing insights from conceptual semantics, cognitive semantics, Generative Lexicon, building grammar and formal syntax, this e-book constitutes the 1st try out at a finished account of lexical semantic matters in Mandarin chinese language.

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F. A wall surrounds/divides the city. g. This book comprises 15 chapters. h. The meeting lasted seven hours. i. Larry lacks money. j. My patience equals/exceeds my enthusiasm. k. The doctor underwent an operation. l. The outcome means trouble. Enriched composition and inference in the argument structure of Chinese 34 Every sentence in (3) can be said to have a “defective” action tier in some way, either one of the action tier roles is absent (as in a, b, e, k) or the Actor is not volitional (as in d) or both action tier roles are absent (as in g, h, i, j, l).

This diversity shown in (3) and (4) challenges the Projectionist view with the tension between a lexicon burdened with multiple lexical entries and the obvious relations between the entries that need to be captured (see chapter 1 for discussion). A quick and intuitive look at the verbal lexical semantics in (4) shows that several varieties of complements are not s-selected by the verb in any obvious way, by contrast to the uniform s-selection in (3). In other words, these examples violate the Head Constraint of Jackendoff (2000), according to which the syntactic arguments of a clause express the semantic arguments of the verb in the clause (see Jackendoff 1990, 1997b, 2000; Goldberg 1995 for various cases of such violations).

I focus on the unification of LCS’s with generic conceptual patterns under the assumption of enriched composition. Throughout the thesis, it will be shown that “simple composition” plus an abstract syntax to deal with syntax-semantics mismatches is not an adequate methodology to deal with the full range of data, aside from its possible ontological and psycholinguistic defects (see Chapter 1 for the priority of semantic solutions). CHAPTER THREE The Eat Restaurant Construction: Licensing Unselected Complements A central issue in any theory of grammar concerns the determinants of syntactic structure, in particular, where do elements in syntactic structure come from and what determines the way these elements are expressed in the way they are.

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