Download Enochian World of Aleister Crowley: Enochian Sex Magick by Aleister Crowley, Lon Milo Duquette, Christopher S. Hyatt PDF

By Aleister Crowley, Lon Milo Duquette, Christopher S. Hyatt

This ebook offers the coed rapid entry to the world's strongest, but misunderstood, procedure of Magick. Crowley's paintings was once the launching pad for all that undefined. initially released in 1912, it lease the veil of the internal Order of the Golden sunrise and published its most beneficial jewel for all to work out. For the 1st time, the reader is supplied with directions that bridge the distance among the cloth and religious worlds by way of integrating Enochiana with intercourse Magick. Mr. DuQuette and Dr. Hyatt carry over 40 years of sensible event within the box to teach you ways to begin utilizing this strong approach without delay.

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Each Name starts in the middle of the Cross and moves towards the extremities. (Arrows in Diagram D show the directions the names are read and the Planet to which each of the Seniors is attributed). This is the same for all four Elemental Tablets. In the case of the Water Tablet; SAIINOV is the Senior of Jupiter, SOAIZNT is the Senior of Mercury, LAOAZRP is the Senior of the Moon, 36 Enochian Sex Magick LIGDISA is the Senior of Saturn, SLGAIOL is the Senior of of Venus and LSRAHPM is the Senior of Mars.

TDIM governs the file which reads T(o)lLVR. These angels are most mighty and benevolent. They are ruled by names of God formed by prefixing the appropriate letter from the "black cross" to their own names. 6. Beneath the bar of the Calvary Cross remain 16 squares not yet accounted for. Here, beneath the presidency of the Kerubim, rule four mighty and benevolent angels— INGM LAOC VSSN RVOI 7. Triliteral names of demons or elementals are to be formed from these 16 squares, uniting the two letters on either side of the upright of the cross with a letter chosen from the Central Tablet or black cross in accordance with rules which will be given in their due place.

THE CALL OR KEY OF THE THIRTY ÆTHYRS As we have mentioned above, the Nineteenth Call, or Key of the Thirty Æthyrs, is the only call necessary for workings with the Æthyrs. It is only necessary to change the name of the Æthyr itself near the beginning of the Call. may appropriately be varied with the Aire". Try as I may to discover a logical correlation between LIL (the Æthyr in question) and IDOIGO (the footnoted name in question), I cannot. Until I do, I will continue to vary the Call of the Thirty Æthyrs only with the name of the Æthyr itself.

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