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By Judika Illes

Enter the realm of Spirits!

The Encyclopedia of Spirits is a finished and enjoyable A to Z of spirits from round this international and the subsequent. inside of those pages meet love goddesses and ailment demons, guardians of kids and guardians of cadavers. detect Celtic goddesses and goddesses of the Kabbalah, girl Buddhas, African Powers, Dragon women, White women, Black Madonnas, the golf green guy, the fairway Fairy, plenty and plenty of ghosts, djinn, mermaids, fairies, and extra. From the beneficent to the mischievous, operating with those spirits can carry luck, lasting love, future health, fertility, revenge, and aid. Discover:

  • The actual identities of over a thousand spirits (as good as their likes and dislikes)
  • How to speak with particular spirits in your personal benefit
  • How to acknowledge those spirits after they happen themselves
  • The mythological and historic occasions linked to particular spirits
  • The shades, days, numbers, and astrological symptoms linked to particular spirits

The Encyclopedia of Spirits additionally presents an outline of the function of spirit communique all through background and a basic consultant to operating with spirits. it doesn't matter what your life's difficulties or wishes, this e-book can advisor you to the suitable spirits who may also help satisfy your goals. For the religious adept, the novice, or the easily curious, the Encyclopedia of Spirits will tell, encourage, and delight.

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Kidnapped Africans, sold as slaves in the Western Hemisphere, were forbidden, on pain of horrific torture and death, to venerate their old spirits. The proof that they continued to do so anyway is demonstrated by the survival and vitality of various African-Diaspora spiritual traditions. • The Bible records the number of times the image of the controversial Hebrew goddess Asherah was removed from Solomon’s Temple. Clearly someone kept putting her back. Why? Because whenever times are trying and tough, people turn to spirits.

They have a loyalty of some sort, including ethnic, spiritual, or professional patronage. • Some spirits respond well to bribery. • Others help because they like you, identify with you, or seek an ongoing relationship with you. Any one or combination of the above reasons may be true, but in addition, many spirits who help humans do so because it is their job. Providing assistance is their special function, their sacred charge, their raison d’être, their reason for being. In many cases, they live to serve and are eager to help.

All totally permeated by spirits: Spirited Away, Demon Diary, Age of Mythology, and Hell Girl are just the first to randomly come to mind. Pokémon characters are based on ancient Japanese spirits. , another juvenile phenomenon, makes constant reference to spirits of old Egypt. Video games without spirits? Again, you’ve just gutted an entire genre. As anyone fascinated by spirits can attest, online research is virtually impossible as attempting to conduct a search via names of even the mostobscure spirits results in sites devoted to role-playing games, video games, and Dungeons and Dragons, not the anticipated scholarly works.

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