Download Encyclopaedia of Biological Disaster Management: vol. 10. by Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim PDF

By Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Kumari Swarnim

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See CLOUD CHAMBER EFFECT. CONFIDENCE-BUILDING MEASURE (CBM). Confidencebuilding measures are those taken to reduce concern over whether international security commitments are being observed. Such measures may include officer training exchange programs, the carrying out of onsite inspections, and overflights of one another’s territory with aircraft equipped with approved photographic and other equipment. CONVENTIONAL COMMITTEE. Russian Federation president Boris N. Yeltsin issued Presidential Decree No.

Its irritating or lachrymatory effects were known during World War I, but its use in combat was rejected owing to its low volatility. S. Army Chemical Warfare Service (CWS) evaluated chloroacetophenone, and testing showed it to be superior to other lachrymators. On this basis, the United States adopted it for use in chemical weapons (CW), giving it the code name yN. This adoption occurred too late for chloroacetophenone to be used in the war, but it did see extensive use for decades afterward by the military Dictionary 77 and law enforcement for crowd control and humanitarian purposes.

Bock, the Army Air Corps officer who usually commanded the plane. However, he was not in command that day; instead, Bock’s Car was piloted by Maj. Charles W. Sweeney. The primary target designated for the 9 August mission was Kokura, but visibility over that target was deemed insufficient, causing Bock’s Car to divert to its secondary 60 Dictionary target, Nagasaki, and sparing Kokura the destruction visited on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. See also ENOLA GAY; 509TH COMPOSITE GROUP; SHEIGEYOSHI MORIMOTO.

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