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By Hermes Trismegistus

And issues were from this primal substance via a unmarried act. How fantastic is that this paintings! it's the major (principle) of the area and is its maintainer.

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She is said to have repaired the sky, which seems to have partially shattered in th~. catastroph;, with stones ~f five ~ot melted together. Here five colours could mean slffiply. m coloured:, but there may also be a reference to the Five Eleme Another early cosmological myth relates to the sun and . According to this, the sun rises from the eastern island of ~ Lai, where the giant Fu Sang tree grows. Each morning, th climbs up the branches of the tree before making its way we. across the sky. At the end of the day it plunges into a lake, Yii at the western extremity of the world in the K'un Lun mourt The moon, on the other hand, first appears in the western when it is new.

The Lo Shu can now b seen to represent the nine provinces of the known world, whil the eight trigrams represent the circular heaven. · suggested, is the reason why the Lo Shu has been attached to th World of the Senses, rather than because of any numerical o Elemental connections. However, the eight trigrams might also be seen as represen · the eight pillars that hold up the sky. If the trigrams are regarde · as an octagon, a shape 'half-way' between a square and a circle the arrangement becomes more suggestive still.

The was adjusted to correspond with the day and ho~ and Wang turned his seat to co-ordinate its direction with the Dipper. ' And there he sat, apparently c fident that by establishing himself in the symbolically co position he would be under divine protection. Alternatively, may have believed that by assuming such a position his impe virtue would be made manifest, and so would over-awe opponents. Either way, it made little difference. He was found sitting there by his enemies, who duly killed him 17 • Little mention has been made of the eight trigrams so far, naturally they fit into the same system.

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