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Although Hanegraaff and Hammer follow in the footsteps of Faivre, they deal mainly with the ‘New Age Movement’. The Swedish academic Henrik Bogdan’s research has focused on Western esoteric initiatory movements and his studies have also been of use in this work (Bogdan 2003a; 2003b; 2004). The majority of the useful studies on magic focus on the history CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION 35 of magical thought in the west. M. Butler have written extensively on magic from medieval times to the early 20th century (Butler 1949; Cavendish 1968; 1975; 1977; King 1970; 1971; 1975).

In the Western world the left and left-handed people have symbolized a broad range of undesirable qualities, such as weakness, clumsiness and dishonesty. In the Bible the tribe of Benjamin originated from the right hand side, whereas Ehud of the tribe was left-handed, and a murderer. The word left in the English language originates from the AngloSaxon ‘lyft’, which meant weak or worthless. The Italian word for left handed, ‘mancino’, also means treacherous. The Latin word ‘sinister’ translates into English as left or wrong, perverse (Latin Dictionary 2004).

I collected material which is related to Dragon Rouge, written by people positive to, but not necessarily members of, the order and which is not officially sanctioned by Dragon Rouge. In this category I have access to, amongst others, a few academic undergraduate papers on the order and various website-entries which deal with the order, or with some aspects of the order’s activities. Additionally, some members of the order are artists, and have in this capacity published material representing magico-occult worldviews, and who have spoken of the subject in interviews and on similar occasions.

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