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He's referred to as the Warrior Captain - a grasp of each weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to guard his type. robust, relentless, cruel, Elijah has consistently received each conflict he is ever taken on - earlier. Ambushed by means of necromancers, he's left for useless merely to be came across by means of the girl who may rather well convey the ultimate blow...Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen. With 3 centuries of warring, little greater than a decade of uneasy peace has existed among the Lycanthropes and Elijah's humans. Now, after a life of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is ate up with a distinct conflict - successful Siena's middle via giving her excitement past all limitations. What begins as allure and arousal quickly burns right into a ardour with outcomes that might echo in the course of the a while for either their humans. And as would-be enemies develop into inseparable fanatics, one other danger techniques, one with the facility to break them all...

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Elijah knew she was aware of his state of appetite. She moved like liquid need herself, her body rubbing against his with blatant suggestion. She reminded him of her nudity, of her heated nearness, of how easy she was making it for him to simply shed any remaining barriers between them and find his heaven deep, oh so deep inside her. Elijah could feel her hair coiling around his wrist and forearm, the erotic, living strands caressing him like thousands of tiny hands. Her actual hands were sprawling over the expanse of his chest, his shoulders…down his back and over the muscles of his backside.

He asked. “Hungry, as noted,” she said with a laugh. “I need to feed her. I want you two to relax, have a drink, and wait till I get back before you hash this over any more. I am your Enforcer too, Noah, and I will not allow you to coddle me like some fragile bird. ” She gave them both an extremely no-nonsense glare that made them nod obediently. “Good. If you are going to find Elijah, it’s very likely you will need me to—” Bella broke off, her entire complexion turning a frightening gray color as her eyes glazed over.

The Enforcers had been out looking for any sign of Elijah. A sure sign that Jacob was as worried about him as Noah was, was that Bella had left her newborn babe to go with him, and Jacob had allowed it without protest. Of course, it could be said that what he did and did not protest meant fairly little to the Druid Jacob was married to. Bella was a rather independent, modern woman with a sassy attitude and a will of her own that, it was safe to say, drove her husband up the wall as much as it delighted the hell out of him.

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