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Professional Periodical studies offer systematic and precise evaluate assurance of growth within the significant parts of chemical learn. Written through specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a special provider for the lively learn chemist, providing normal serious in-depth debts of development specifically components of chemistry.

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5 M HClO,. An overall 2-electron reduction of 0, to H,O, was found on glassy carbon, which was positively catalysed by Pb2+,at a limited number of active sites on the glassy carbon surface. However, the further reduction of H,O, was nearly completely inhibited by the presence of Pb2+. There has been considerable interest in thc electrochemistry of various derivatives of porphyrin and phthalocyanine adsorbed on graphite. 2 0 2 found that iron(Ir1) tetra(N,N,N-trimethylani1inium)porphyrin on glassy carboncatalysed oxygen electroreduction, reducing the overpotential by 400 mV and approximately doubling the H,02 yield to -50%.

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Electrochem. (India), 1982,31,33. A. Ya. Pikel'ny and Yu. M . Loshkarev, Elektrokhimiya, 1981, 17,441. V. Kuznetsov, V. P. Grigor'ev, and 0. V. Fadeeva, Elektrokhimiya, 1981,17,1895. F. M. Al-Kharafi and Y. A. El-Tantawy, Corros. , 1982,22, I . G. A . Noubi, M. F. El-Shahed, F. El-Cheikh, and H. Mansour, Indian J . , 1980,17A,564. P. Dare-Edwards, A. Hammett, and J. B. Goodenough, J . Electroanal. , 1981,119, 109. 36 Electrochemistry surface hydrogen atoms formed in the first step of the photo-assisted hydrogen evolution reaction.

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