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By Vivian E. Robson

Ever want you had picked a greater time to begin that new venture? enable Electional Astrology support. during this booklet are the vintage principles for selecting the simplest time to begin all demeanour of items, from the trivial (bathing, slicing hair), to the real (marriage, beginning a company) and pretty well every little thing in-between: taking a visit, becoming a member of the military, planting & sowing, and lots more and plenty extra additionally incorporated is a whole dialogue of lunar mansions & planetary hours, severe timing components which are frequently neglected. This continues to be the single accomplished, smooth publication each written on elections. It has lengthy been a vintage. concerning the writer Vivian Erwood Robson, 1890-1942, was once a librarian via exchange. Like many librarians, he had a usual bent for examine, and, in his specific case, astrology. He studied old authors heavily, together with William Ramesey, William Lilly, and Ptolemy. His books on electional astrology, mounted stars, and relationships, are twentieth century classics.

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For the doctor to gain credit let the Moon and Jupiter be strong and dignified, and let the latter be in the second or in good aspect to the cusp or fortified lord of that house, Fortuna, and its dispositor. Let the patient be first seen or visited in the hour of Jupiter. Taking Medicine or Beginning Treatment Let the ascendant be the sign ruling the diseased part of the body, and see that it is free from affliction. Fortify the Moon and take care that it is not in conjunction or opposition with the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth at the decumbiture, or in the patient’s radical map, or in the election.

There should be no aspect between Saturn and Venus, and Saturn must not be in the ascendant or fourth, for if there it will hinder the work, cause the house to stand empty, bring trouble to the inhabitants, or quickly need repair. If Mars be in the ascendant in a sign of short ascension there will be damage by fire. Let the Moon be in aspect to its dispositor, and let the ascendant be aspected by its ruler, all free from affliction, for otherwise the landlord of the house will never live in it.

Borrowing Money Fortify the lord of the second, the sign containing it, and the second cusp in both the radical and Electional maps; and also fortify Jupiter. Let the Moon be decreasing in light and in Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Pisces; and let Jupiter or Venus be in favourable aspect to the ascendant, or Moon, or both if possible, but see that neither Jupiter nor Venus be cadent. Take care that the Moon is not afflicted by any of the malefics, nor in conjunction, or any affliction, with Mercury.

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