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By Pedro Barbosa, Ignacio Castellanos

This publication addresses the elemental problems with predator-prey interactions, with an emphasis on predation between arthropods, that have been higher studied, and for which the database is extra wide than for the big and infrequent vertebrate predators. The e-book should still attract ecologists drawn to the wide factor of predation results on groups.

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Extent. and evolution of plant consumption by l izard�. J. 7ool. 257:487-"i 17. Cottrell, T. , and Yeargan, K . V. 1 998. Effect of pol len on Coleomegilla maculata ( Co­ leoptera: Coccinel l i dae) population density, predation, and cannibalism in sweet corn. Environ. Entomol. 27: 1 402-14 1 0. Cowgill, S. , Wratten, S. , and Sotherton, N. W. 1 993. The effect of weeds on the num­ bers of hovertly ( Diptera: Syrphidae) adults and the distribution and composition of their eggs in winter wheat. Ann.

Badalamenti. F.. D'Anna, G .. Pinnegar. J. K .. and Polunin, N. V. C. 2002. Size-related trophodynamic changes in three target fish species recovering from intensive trawling. Mar. B ioi. 1 4 1 :561-570. Baptist. B. A. 194 1 . The morphology and physiology of the salivary glands of Hemiptera­ Heteroptera. Quart. J. M icrosc. Sci. 83:91-139. Beckman. N .. and Hurd. L. E. 2003. Pollen feeding and fitness in praying mantids: the vege­ tarian side of a tritrophic predator. Environ. Entomol. 32: 88 1 -885 .

2D). Effects of M I on M2 are not mediated through NE. The M2 consumes a food resource produced by M 1 . Thus, populations interact directly, but the outcome of this i nteraction for M 1 depends upon the service M2 provides by modifying the interaction between NE and M 1 . This example is similar to plant-mycorrhizal i nteractions, in which the mutualism arises in part through an extrinsic resource, R, rather than a natural enemy, provided to plants by fungi, but fungi directly consume photosynthates.

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