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By Janine Walker Caffrey

Specialist recommendation on assisting young children, adolescents, and teenagers develop into self-starters, winning freshmen, and concerned electorate of the realm.

the standard of force offers the momentum for anyone to dream and accomplish, making a special, autonomous lifestyles. with no it, an individual is sort of a rudderless boat, drifting round a flat lake. In Drive, nationally well known educator Dr. Janine Caffrey indicates how one can encourage your kids and boost this very important attribute.

How do i am getting my baby fascinated by studying? to sign up for a very good collage? to maneuver out of the home? To create his personal lifestyles? Designed to help mom and dad, educators, and counselors to get young children of every age off the sofa and into the area, Drive outlines 9 particular steps confirmed to overcome boredom and foster self-motivation and resourcefulness. jam-packed with quizzes, anecdotes, and sensible suggestions, Drive is helping mom and dad flip ''Generation Me'' into ''Generation Move.''

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In one class, the professor actually had us learn a full menu of chants that we could teach children of all ages to help reinforce how special they were. Rewarding everything—which may or may not include real achievement—actually robs children (and adults) of the motivation to succeed. If everyone is rewarded the same regardless of effort or success, why would one strive to do more? qxd 4/16/08 9:00 PM Page 19 Your Child’s Future 19 the negative effects of competition, we have eliminated many of its positive effects.

Try using questioning techniques rather than lecturing. What does she think she might do in that situation? Ask her if she is concerned about hanging out with this person. The Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Reconnaissance on a College Student Although a college-age student is legally an adult, he still depends on you financially and is likely not ready to assume all the responsibilities of adulthood. This is a time to increase his independence while still ensuring his safety and well-being. A parent must gradually allow a child in college to take more and more control over his life while helping protect him from the types of errors that can cause significant harm—such as running up major credit card debt.

Also be sure you know which social-networking sites— MySpace, Facebook, or others—your child frequents. You might want to help her create her profile. Talk about the types of photos that are OK to post and the types that are not. qxd 4/16/08 9:00 PM Page 49 Be a Pathfinder 49 around, see whether you can find her by searching her name or nicknames. You may stumble on another profile she has created without your input. Confront her about this, and let her know how easy it was to find her so that she will understand how easy it is for a predator.

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