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By Ben G Hester

Reveal of the darkish aspect of dowsing. Illustrated.

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Dowsing: An expose of hidden occult forces

Disclose of the darkish aspect of dowsing. Illustrated.

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He discovered one or more water veins running under every one of these barns. In England, this phenomenon has been known since ancient times. These veins, generally containing water, have been known to be generally harmful to man and beast. " However, there are spots along these lines of "noxious emanations" that have exactly the opposite effect on man and beast. " In some cases the spot will be a spring of water, at others it will be a "menhir"—literally an upright stone—that the ancients erected.

The other five are nothing more than asking the 41 device questions—in any language—and getting answers. The fact that water, oil, or minerals can be located at the desire of the dowser demonstrates selectivity and intelligence—nothing more. Terrestrial dowsing is a demonstrable fact, but it is not physical in terms of the reality of this planet. It has to be a reality in some unknown, or extranormal manner yet to be discovered. Dowsing the Inanimate Object In dowsing for 'things'—inanimate objects—the scene changes drastically.

The medical world scoffed. However, there were a few logical minded individuals who began to gather statistics. One of the first was Gustav Freiherr von Pohl who, in 1929, documented a survey of the entire town of Vilsburg, Bavaria (8,300 inhabitants), and located the houses over discovered water veins and those only partially over a vein. ' In the face of ridicule from the medical world, von Pohl chose another town in Bavaria—one with the lowest incidence of cancer. He located the cancer houses there and resurveyed in 18 months to find ten more cancer deaths in these same houses.

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