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By Angelika Arend

Documents of Protest and Compassion deals the 1st wide serious evaluation of Bauer's significant poetic oeuvre. during this long-overdue complement to contemporary anthologies of Bauer's poetry and essays on his existence and paintings, Angelika Arend attracts on Bauer's diaries and letters to bare the profoundly humane intentions that guided his collection of issues and buildings. She exhibits that social protest and brotherly compassion, shared accountability and demanding self-reflection are Bauer's major thematic fare, which he provided in easy, but conscientiously crafted, poetic buildings, and explains how those principles and kinds constructed or remained consistent in mild of historic, cultural, social, and private advancements. records of Protest and Compassion is necessary for these drawn to Bauer's paintings, German poetry, German-Canadian literature, and the immigrant writing experience.

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It entails a tendency to use autobiographical material with little or no effort to veil this fact, and a plainness of diction which, while carefully chosen, does not intend to beautify and in that sense poeticize. Such natural speech seems most effective where it is reduced to short, laconic statement ("Die Hebamme spricht"). All poems give evidence of the young poet's close attention to the structuring of his material. This involves meticulous stanzaic organization based on rhyme, repetition, and contrast ("Transportzug"), shifting of perspectives ("September"), montage of simultaneous scenes 3i Mastering the Craft ("Augenblick aus dem Leben eines Kindes") and imaginative dramatization ("Kinder pflanzen einen Baum").

Sie sind aller Dinge entaufiert a 2 Gewehr b 3 daher b 4 mehr dahin x st. Am Tag sitzen sie in den Wagen ... c 2 d c 3 4 d 27 Mastering the Craft st. Am Tag schreien sie Hurra e / e 2 3 4 / st. schlafen sie sich dem Tod zu x 3 8 4 sich auch dem Tod zu x st. v: i i 2 I st. mochten sie die todliche Reise auch unterbrechen... x 3 * st. vn: i b 2 b 3 schon vieler Dinge entaufiert a A symmetrical frame of rhyme and repetition is built into this relatively long poem. Even the two lines that do not possess end rhyme (st.

LL 41-2) he is a Luftwaffe-pilot who went down over Crete and is now buried there together with other nationals. He urges that those still living and engaged in the making of peace be told to act as if they possessed the wisdom of the dead: "Sag ihnen, sie wollen den Frieden so schaffen, / Als safien die Toten an ihren Tischen" (lines 27-8). Remaining unidentified in three other poems, the speaker has some very unpalatable things to say about the living and their incorrigible ways. In the poem "Wenn ich zuruckgekommen ware -" LL 43) he ponders the fact that in spite of experiences that should move people to mend their ways, they will not do so: Du sagst, sie reden, reden und tun das Gleiche?

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