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One of many first books to deal with the mental nature of the way winning investors imagine ~ The Disciplined Traderis now an classic.   during this ground-breaking paintings released in 1990 ~ Douglas examines the explanations as to why so much investors can't elevate and maintain their fairness on a constant foundation ~ and brings the reader to sensible and specified conclusions as to tips to pass approximately altering any restricting attitude. The dealer is taken via a step by step procedure to leap forward these queries ~ and start to appreciate that their very ideas could be proscribing their skill to amass and be triumphant at buying and selling.

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DUMONT THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION Chapter 10 BUSINESS RESULTS THROUGH CONCENTRATION — A successful business is not usually the result of chance. Neither is a failure the result of luck. Most failures could be determined in advance if the founders had been studied. It is not always possible to start a moneymaking business at the start. Usually a number of changes have to be made. Plans do not work out as their creators thought they would. They may have to be changed a little, broadened it may be, here and there, and as you broaden your business you broaden your power to achieve.

Study yourself carefully. Learn your shortcomings. Sometimes only a mere trifle keeps one from branching out and becoming a success. Discover why you have not been making good--the cause of your failure. Have you been expecting someone to lead you, or to make a way for you? If you have, concentrate on a new line of thought. There are two things absolutely necessary for success--energy and the will to succeed. Nothing can take the place of either of these. Most of us will not have an easy path to follow so don’t expect to find one.

We are liable to be “bent” or “curved” as we can bend a piece of paper, and each fold leaves a crease, which makes it easier to make the fold there the next time. ” This is why habits of thought and habits of willing can be formed. All physical impressions are the carrying out of the actions of the will and intel- 38 THERON Q. DUMONT THE POWER OF CONCENTRATION lect. Our nervous systems are what they are today, because of the way they have been exercised. As we grow older most of us become more and more like automatic machines.

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