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Ufology, like psychology, has become such a narrow field of specialization that the experts have no time for general culture. They are so busy rationalizing the dreams of other people that they themselves do not dream anymore, nor do they read fairy tales. If they did, they would perhaps take a much closer look at Joe Simonton and his pancakes. They would know about the Gentry and the food from fairyland. In 1909, an American researcher named Walter Evans-Wentz, who wrote a thesis on Celtic traditions in Brittany, devoted much time to the gathering of folk tales about supernatural beings, their habits, their contacts with men, and their food.

Could imagination be a stronger force, to shape the actions of men, than its expression in dogma, in political structures, in established churches, in armies? If so, could this force be used? Is it being used? Is there a science of deception at work here on a grand scale, or could the human mind generate its own phantoms, in a formidable, collective creation mythology? " These words by Hartland, written in 1891, offer a clue. Yes, there is a deep undercurrent to be discovered and mapped behind these seemingly absurd stories.

They have pulled ancient books from dusty shelves just as I have. They opened Psellus alongside Paracelsus and Wier to seek the guidance of those who preceded them. It would have been as easy for them to jump to premature conclusions as it is for us to declare that UFOs are extraterrestrial visitors. They could have claimed the creatures came from the moon or were the denizens of hell. Remarkably, they kept an open mind. And they transmitted to us a surprisingly clear and fresh statement of the things seen in the sky and on the land for centuries, accounts that read like the modern reports of UFOs and alien abductions.

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