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Flüchten oder Bleiben? Rekonstruktion biographischer Verläufe und Ressourcen von Emigranten im Nationalsozialismus

Sylke Bartmann zeigt anhand der Rekonstruktion biographischer Verläufe von Emigranten unterschiedliche Umgehensweisen mit dem Nationalsozialismus und damit verbundene Repressalien und Bedrohungen auf. Der Fokus richtet sich dabei auf den Einzelnen als Akteur und Gestalter seines eigenen Lebens. Es wird die Frage beantwortet, inwieweit in den Prozessen der Biographisierung Ressourcen zum Ausdruck kommen, die das Leben im Nationalsozialismus (weiterhin) als zusammenhängend und sinnvoll erscheinen lassen - auch wenn dem einzelnen Menschen die Welt manchmal sinnentleert gegenüberzustehen scheint.

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LAPPARENT, ALBERT-AUGUSTE COCHON DE (b . Bourges, France, 30 December 1839 ; d. Paris, France, 4 May 1908), geology . Lapparent was descended from a noble family of the Vendee . His paternal grandfather, Emmanuel, 30 LAPPARENT LAP WORTH carried out at sea, 3,267 of which furnished samples . The continuity of the cretaceous beds on both sides of the Strait of Dover, the good quality of the sixty-meter-thick Cenomanian chalk, and the absence of faults were all demonstrated . The tunnel was possible .

The following year he requested and received assistance to travel to Spain in order to present his method to the king and to call attention to his books Tkbulas astronornicas y hydrogrkphicas, which are now lost . The journey lasted from 1631 to 1634 ; the king promised to finance the publication of his observations . The Advertencias de Miguel Florencio Van Langren . . a todos los professores y amadores de la mathemktica . . appeared in Madrid about 1634 . Van Langren continued his investigations in Brussels, publishing a Calendarium perpetuum .

He was irascible and often gave offense, but to his intimates he was warmhearted, displaying great charm . Highly respected in scientific circles, he received several scientific honors and honorary degrees . LANGLEY, 19 LANGLEY LANGLEY did not fly ; on two attempts in 1906 the launching apparatus failed . The ridicule of the press, offended by Langley's aloofness, and the mismanaged combination of official secrecy but public testing ended Langley's expensive program . It has been said that the work of the scientifically respected Langley brought experiments on flight out of the stage of ridicule and into a stage of science .

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