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By Lianna Satanas Diabolique

“Devil’s Bible” is now the head rfile of conventional Satanism, grounded in sensible conception, non secular concentration, and precise Satanic self-reliance that has been ordinary of so much different courses discussing theistic Satanism. “Devil’s Bible” isn't really a guide authored to make sheep out of seekers of Satanic counsel and raise the rolls of someone’s cult of character. “Devil’s Bible” calls for just a own commitment to devil, and describes self-initiation, behavioral assistance, and sensible recommendation for residing as a real Satanist. whereas conventional Satanist teams remain governed through small-mindedness and tear themselves except the interior, “Devil’s Bible” teaches a Satanist tips to be a Satanist with out the necessity for a corporation. this can be the litmus try out that you can degree all different conventional Satanists and theories by way of, seperating the reversed Christian from the genuine worshipper of the Dark..

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If all of this is a divine plan, then Jesus wants to die, wants to be persecuted and crucified, thus becoming the martyred god upon which a religion will be founded. Christians blame the Jews, the Romans, and of course myself. The fact is that they were set up from the very beginning. Judas was not a traitor; he was chosen to perform an honor for his faith and his revolution. 32 Jesus returns from the dead in the myth, thus fulfilling the requirements as the prophesized messiah. Of course this parallels many of the dieing god myths of other cultures, and will help validate this new religion to pagan Europeans.

You would think that if Adam was immortal before his failure, and death was his punishment, that Jesus’ redemption of man would result in immortality, but that obviously did not happen. Many things that Jesus promised did not happen, but I digress. Understand that the cult of Jesus was reshaped into the Christianity we know today some five centuries after his supposed existence. I say “supposed” because there is no concrete evidence that Jesus ever existed, or that the events about his life ever occurred.

They defend themselves from other beasts; they do what they must to survive. To the victor go the spoils. We, however, are not beasts. The wolf has its fangs, the snake its venom; each kind has its own advantage, its own means of ensuring its survival. For us, we have our reason, our intellect. This does not make us better than other beasts, merely a beast of another kind. Therefore while the moral lessons of beasts would serve us well to remember, so to must we remember that we must survive amongst our own kind.

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