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A dramatic deal with added at the verge of Israels access into the land of Canaan, Deuteronomy has been defined as a booklet "on the boundary." Ted Woods expounds its all-encompassing imaginative and prescient and indicates how the Israelites have been exhorted to make its phrases the interpreter in their life's tale in the land "beyond the Jordan." This thoroughly new quantity replaces the former editon of Deuteronomy within the Tyndale observation sequence written via J. A. Thompson.

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Other laws that follow address the 'rights' of different groups which, if not honoured, is tantamount to disobeying the Torah, or false witness against it. IO. (pr ) D o not covet Within this final (2 5 : 5-r 6) commandment, the (Note: the option of not prohibition on coveting taking on the role of the wives may lie behind the levir was no doubt driven rules on levirate marriage by economic rationalism and brawls and the protection [or Finally, the concluding (25 : 5-1 2). coveting] of one's own example of the two sets property) of weights and measures (vv.

19 Several scholars have followed Mendenhall in believing that Deuteronomy has patterned its work after the Hittite treaty model. 20 Some scholars reflect the covenant and treaty nature of Deuteronomy in their structural outline of the book. However, they acknowledge at the same time that the book also reflects the genre of narrative, itineraries, exhortation (parenesis), hymns and other poetic material, with the whole thing coming together as a farewell address (Merrill 1994: 27-32). Earlier, von Rad (1966: 1 7.

Chapter 5 indicates that this provi­ sion is vital in resisting the tendency for Israel to draw awqy from God's word, reducing it to past inscriptions which have no further relevance for Israel's present or future (5:22, 23-3 l ). g. 27 W"ithin the commentary, see comment on 4: l l for a presentation of the view that the expressions ablaze withfire (also 5 :23 and 9: 1 5), and hearing the Lord's words from out of thefire relate back to the burning bush at Exodus 3:2. This also becomes the sign of things to come when Israel returns to this mountain (Exod.

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