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By Tim Myers

On Founder's Day, Harrison Black, proprietor of At Wick's finish, has a stand close to Gretel Barnett. whilst she's killed in the course of the festivities--and parents begin suspecting Harrison--he needs to work out who extinguished his greatest rival.

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I thought we were going to have a friendly little competition between candleshops, but I guess I was wrong. ” A lecture was the last thing I needed at the moment. “Heather, I don’t need you as my conscience. ” We didn’t share more than half a dozen words after that, each left to our own thoughts. What in the world had brought out that kind of attack from Gretel? She’d been abrupt when she’d come into my shop before, but she hadn’t been insulting. As I worked on my display, I couldn’t help wondering what had set her off.

Some woman claims to be an eyewitness. She seems pretty convinced she saw me do it. ” “Okay, back up. ” “I grabbed a quick bite on the run, and as I was walking back to my sales table, I saw Gretel Barnett fall over. ” Millie shook her head. ” “Try telling the sheriff. Maybe he’ll believe you. I surely didn’t make any headway with him. ” “Oh yes,” Millie said. “We’ve butted heads more times than I can count over the years. She once threatened to sue me because my coffee was too hot. I warned her, but she gulped it anyway.

Heather laughed. “Don’t get cold feet now. We’ll both do fine. I’ve got Mrs. ” Mrs. Quimby was Heather’s lone part-time employee, while Esmeralda was her cat and erstwhile queen of The New Age. I finished transferring the boxes in the truck bed to our tables, then said, “Watch our stuff, would you? ” I had to walk three blocks back to our tables after I moved the truck, but it was a glorious morning, and I didn’t mind the stroll. I love early morning; it’s my favorite time of day, before the whole world’s awake and bustling around.

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