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By Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

The best human challenge is that we're all born within the condemned phone. cash and clinical technology can expand the human lifespan considerably - probably as much as 1000 years through cloning and cryogenics - yet after all, whilst the final clinical miracle has been exhausted, dying nonetheless waits patiently for us. In dying: the ultimate secret, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe take their investigative abilities to these final moments of existence and past, exploring such difficult subject matters as near-death and out-of-body stories, reincarnation theories, hypno-regression, and automated writing and different phenomena of the séance room. proof is drawn from trance mediums, the writings of mystics, and transparent, difficult proof stated through trustworthy eyewitnesses.

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Despite the disappearance of its famous haunted rectory, Borley is undoubtedly still well worth the serious psychic investigator’s time. Just as churches and rectories are frequently the sites of reported hauntings, so are ancient inns and taverns. If ever an old inn enjoyed the most beautiful possible setting it must surely be the Anchor Inn at Tintern. The inn stands on the banks of the beautiful River Wye, barely a stone’s throw from the famous ruin of Tintern Abbey. Both are surrounded by scenic, forested hills.

Another strange episode took place there involving a different member of the film crew. Some years before, three members of the crew of an Avro Anson had been killed when it crashed not far from the Bircham Newton airfield. The three friends who made up its crew had all been enthusiastic squash players and had made a pact that if anything happened to any of them, they would all meet up at the squash court. Perhaps the strange phenomena that some witnesses reported from Bircham Newton RAF camp were connected with that grim final rendezvous of the crew of the crashed Avro Anson.

Reportedly, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, one of the officers billeted in the Guardsman was caught cheating at cards. The others decided that he deserved a sound thrashing for letting them down in this way, and during the course of it he died. No ghost has ever made its presence known visibly at the Grenadier, but there are so many records of unexplained minor poltergeist-type happenings that it certainly seems as if something preternatural is lurking in this old inn. Electric lights switch on and off for no apparent reason, small objects move — apparently of their own volition — from one room to another.

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