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By Valerie Hope, Eireann Marshall

This leading edge quantity attracts on fresh study in archaeology, historic historical past and the historical past of drugs to debate how humans within the old global understood and handled sickness and demise within the city surroundings.

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Such an interpretation would help to explain why the figure of the doetor plays a minor role in the early development of the image and (in contrast to the common later use of disease imagery as an interventionisr's charter) the approach to treatment is much more cautious. Furthermore, the perspective from which disease in the polis is usually viewed is that of the community 32 MEDICAL IMAGERY IN THE GREEK POLIS itself (or else of a non-expert observer looking at the community as a whole). From such a perspective, and considering the body politic holistically (and we have already noted the late and limited development of the hierarchical anatomical model of the body politic), the important task is to remedy the dysfunction in it with minimal harm to the body.

3-4). 3). because they are not so affected by the cold coming in from the north. 6). 5). Like the author of Airs, Waters, P laces, the author of Regimen gives no specific examples of Greek towns or ciry-states when describing these different geographical situations. Only large-scale distinctions between Greece and other lands are mentioned. In fact, the author of Regimen confines himself to discussing only two peoples by name, the Libyans and the Pontics. Although the geographical information in Regimen differs from Airs, Waters, Places in some particulars, the text likewise makes no mention of 'the city' being more or less healthy than areas of lesser population density.

Laws 942e; in Arist. Parto An. 670a26 the head is an acropolis). It might be held that the reference in an oracle given to the Spartans to a 'lame kingship' (Nn cho/en basileian; Xen. V. V. 110) and Hypereides (5 col. 138; Demosthenes 25 ROGER BROCK fr. 4 The lack of anatomical detail is not the result of ignorance, since a basic knowledge of anatomy is already reflected in Horner's descriptions of wounds in the Iliad (even if Iittle advance was made thereafter until the application of dissection in the early Hellenistic period); it must therefore be a matter of deliberate choice.

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