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By by Schütze, M.; Quadakkers, W. J. (Eds.)

Complaints of a workshop organised by way of the eu Federation of Corrosion, Frankfurt/Main, 1999, the papers evaluation the present knowing of fabrics behaviour less than cyclic oxidation.
• entrance subject
• sequence advent
• Preface
• Foreword
• desk of Contents
•Part I. Oxidation and Failure Mechanisms less than Cyclic stipulations 1. Interfacial Crack progress in the course of Temperature adjustments
2. The impression of floor Pre-Treatment at the Integrity of Alumina Scales at the ODS Alloy MA 956
three. The impact of Water Vapour at the Oxidation of Alloys That advance Alumina Scales for cover
four. The impact of Thermal biking on inner Oxidation and Nitridation of Nickel-Base Alloys
five. Cyclic Oxidation of skinny FeCrAl(RE) Foils in Air: SEM and EPMA Investigations
6. Cyclic Oxidation of PM a thousand
•Part II. try techniques and Parameters Influencing Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour 7. impression of Cycle Frequency on High-Temperature Oxidation Behaviour of Alumina- and Chromia-Forming Alloys
eight. The impression of Thermal biking at the Mechanical Failure of Alumina Scales shaped on advertisement FeCrAl-RE Alloys
nine. Cyclic Oxidation trying out and Modelling: A NASA Lewis viewpoint
10. value of Experimental tactics at the scorching Corrosion Behaviour of Nickel-Base Alloys lower than Cyclic stipulations
eleven. merits of Ferritic Stainless Steels in Cyclic hot temperature stipulations
12. research of a brand new method in extreme temperature Oxidation
thirteen. impact of Implanted Silicon at the Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of AISI 304 and AISI 430 Stainless Steels
14. the significance of appropriate Experimental Parameters for top Temperature Cyclic Oxidation Experiments
15. Corrosion of warmth Exchanger Steels in Cycled gasoline Atmospheres at 600°C
sixteen. Behaviour of protecting Coatings opposed to Sulfidation below Cyclic stipulations
•Part III. long-term Behaviour and Near-Service stipulations 17. long term, Cyclic Oxidation Behaviour of 3 Chromia-Forming Alloys uncovered to Air at 982°C
18. Oxidation restricted lifetime of FeCrAl established Alloys in the course of Thermal biking
19. Characterisation of Oxidation Resistance of Heat-Resistant solid Alloys within the five x 24-h try out
20. Cyclic Oxidation trying out by way of Resistance Heating
•Part IV. The Behaviour of Coatings lower than biking stipulations 21. Thermal biking trying out of Thermal Barrier Coatings
22. Investigations of the Microstructure and rigidity kingdom in Oxide Scales and Buried Layers with Diffraction tools
23. Numerically Calculated Oxidation prompted Stresses in Thermal Barrier Coatings on Cylindrical Substrates
24. Electron Beam-Physical Vapour Deposited Thermal Barrier Coating Lifetime reaction to varied Bond Coat Pre-Treatments
25. Degradation of Aluminide, Chromium-Aluminide and Thermal Barrier Coatings in stipulations of Cyclic Thermal and Mechanical so much
26. Thermal biking of NiAl Intermetallic Coatings ready via excessive speed Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Thermal Spraying
27. improvement of Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) Coatings for cover of Alloys less than hot temperature Cyclic stipulations
28. Mullite established Oxidation security for Silicon Carbide-Carbon/Carbon Composites in Air at Temperatures as much as 1900K
29. Cyclic Oxidation - directions for try out Standardisation, aimed toward the review of carrier Behaviour
• checklist of Abbreviations
• Index

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Scanning electron micrographs comparing the depleted zones in CMSX -4 after 350 h at 1100°Cof cyclic oxidation are presented in Fig. 5. 1 atm), as indicated by the absence of the y' phase, is substantially larger than that for cyclic oxidation in dry air. 1 atm. In Figs 6 and 7 , results are presented to compare the cyclic oxidation of PWA 1484 and CMSX-4 at 1100°Cwith two different water vapour pressures. It can be seen that the cyclic oxidation of both alloys is affected by the water vapour pressure.

Two observations suggest that the latter was also a result of a buckling process. First, the rupture surfaces of the through-scale cracks at the periphery of the spalled regions were only slightly inclined to the sample surface. Shear cracks would be expected to exhibit an orientation of about 45" corresponding to the plane of maximum shear stress. Secondly, cracks in the scale-substrate interface extended into the scale; no evidence was found for the initiation of interfacial cracking by through-scale cracks moving from the scale to the interface as required by wedging.

8 and these results are in agreement with the data presented in Figs 6 and 7. 05 atm) -I -90 X PWA 1484 in wet air I Y I 50 0 100 150 200 Time (h) 250 300 350 400 Fig. 6 Mass change vs time data for cyclic oxidation of PWA 1484 in dry air and in wet air at two dijferent water uapour pressures at 1100°C. 05 atm) -8 -9 ' 0 50 100 ' 150 200 250 300 350 A 400 Time (h) Fig. 7 M a s s change vs time datafor cyclic oxidation at 1100°C of CMSX-4 in dry air and in wet air at tzuo different water vapour pressures.

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