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Actually it is a monoclinic crystal; one axis is inclined at an angle which is not a right angle. Galena, a common form of lead ore, splits easilv in three directions at right angles 10 each other. If it is struck it breaks into lillie rectangular bricks, as you can see here. II is said 10 show cubic cleavage. 30 OTHER CLUES Some crystals have other special properties which help in their identification. Magnetite (an ore of iron) is, as you might guess from its name, magnetic. There are old sailors' yarns about magnetic rock called lodestone, which pulled all the iron nails out of wooden ships, bringing them to their doom!

These cuhic crystals have been made bv evaporating pure hrine. You know the use of salt in food, and the body's need of it. Many tons are produced annually for this purpose, but many more are needed each year in chemical industries. If salt is stored for a time it tends to 'cake', and then much time and labour have to be wasted in making it manageable again. You can imagine that it would be dangerous to attack piles of caked explosives with picks or drills to break it up. Caked fertilisers are not usually dangerous, but they can be handled more easily and economically if they consist of small, non-sticking crystals that can be poured, like sand in an egg timer.

To find the relative density of a crystal tie thin cotton round the crystal and hang it from the clip. Read the pointer - suppose it says 10 divisions. Now lower the crystal gently and completely into water. See that it is hanging freely and not touching the sides of the glass. Read the pointer again. Suppose it says 6 divisions. Now you can work out the relative density. It is given by the weight of the specimen divided by its loss of weight in water. ----paperclip mineral or crystal tumbler of water 28 In this case, I WHICH IS WHICH?

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