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Traditionally, while one bargains with crystals, the 1st estate to be awarded is the periodicity of the lattice, and all equipment of research are according to this attribute, that's thought of crucial. in reality, crystals range from the molecules of finite dimension which are studied in chemistry, simply of their super huge variety of debris. additionally, the lifestyles of faces, which restrict the unfold of crystals in house, inevitably breaks the periodicity of the procedure. For those purposes it really is typical to use to crystals the recommendations and strategies which were generally confirmed within the research of molecules. Pauling first emphasised this aspect 1 and used it to provide an explanation for the digital constitution of crystals, considered limitless and excellent. the purpose of this paintings is to teach, with the aid of a number of examples, the probabilities provided via quantum chemistry for tackling the issues of crystal digital constitution, of crystallographic preparations in addition to their macroscopic form, and of distortion results brought on by the presence of faces. the realm regarding the life of power bands (allowed or forbidden), hole, electrical, magnetic or optical houses aren't touched upon.

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The differences are weak, we shall assume that all the bonds are equivalent. 90 5-6 'V 1. 98 'V 1. 90 'V 1. 98 53 6. Discussion of the Results The theoretical results obtained for some crystals (Table 6) and the results obtained from the empirical formula (34) (Tables 8-10), permits a sufficiently extensive discussion. 9 in CaF 2 , MgF 2 , ZnO, ZnS. Two factors seem to play a role in the displacement of electron charge in localized orbitals ~ .. 13: (1) the difference in I~J electronegativity, ~x, between the atoms, and (2) their polarizability.

The atoms situated on the periphery of ~ structure carry the atomic orbitals pointing in sufficiently open directions to be able to form localized molecular orbitals with orbitals of the metal atoms. These crystals are arranged according to the hybridization of metallic atoms ~, indicating(eventually)the structure of the B group. The ~ atoms may not all be of the same nature. ) have a tetrahedral structure and the central atom is sP3-hybridized. Each peripheral oxygen atom carries three orbitals available for forming one or two molecular orbitals with'the metal atom ~, which necessarily has one or two nonbonding orbitals.

The development of the total wave function into planar waves is badly fitted to such a calculation. • ) having been eliminated, the determination of charges is conditioned by obtaining the wave function. Though the principle behind the method is the same as that for a molecule, the infinite size of a crystal creates many difficulties. The first endeavors were made using the empiric Huckel method. Coulson et al. 34, for example, studied a number of AB-like tetra coordinated crystals, using molecular orbitals localized between the A and B nuclei, built from sP3-hybrid orbitals.

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