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By David Michael Cunningham

Developing Magickal Entities is a finished reference guide that provides step by step directions for growing entities via astral manipulation that may swap your existence. This handbook, written by way of 3 training occultists, finds magickal and alchemical tools, many that have been misplaced and suppressed throughout the a while, in a refreshingly smooth manner that magickal practitioners of any culture can comprehend.

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Therefore to avoid a n y unforeseen problems or issues t h a t m a y arise due to y o u r entity not having a defined term of life, you should consider the life span of the entity. The reasons to disperse an entity can be varied. The entity m a y have completed its task or it m a y not be doing its task. You m a y feel that y o u can handle the task on your o w n and no longer need the entity. Whatever the reason, as long as y o u follow t h r o u g h w i t h it, you k n o w y o u are not dependant on the entity.

W i t h even more work, however, you m a y even begin to see y o u r entity (in some form or fashion) a w a y from the object in w h i c h it resides. This usually only happens w h e n y o u have developed great psychic abilities. You m a y even begin to hear sounds from y o u r entity. W h e n the entity reaches a higher state of life, you m a y even begin to feel the touch of the entity. Most of the time, y o u r entity's touch will feel like spider webs. Then it m a y begin to feel like regular physical contact w i t h a solid object.

R~ 50 HOUSING YOUR ENTITY The technique noted above is very similar to the w a y witches create familiars. Alchemists have used the technique to impregnate their formulas w i t h entities. , hidden or secret) due to its simplicity. It is a classic case of hiding something in plain sight. It has been disregard because of its simplicity, and t h u s remains a very effective and powerful occult technique. W h a t attracts entities to take up residence in physical objects is the sincerity and devotion of a person w i s h i n g to have such an entity.

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