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By Robert Anton Wilson

''Cosmic set off bargains with a means of intentionally prompted mind swap. This approach is named ''initiation'' or ''vision quest'' in lots of traditional societies and will loosely be thought of a few risky number of self-psychotherapy in smooth terminology. i don't suggest it for everybody . . . in brief, the most factor I discovered in my experiments is that ''reality'' is often plural and mutable.'' - Robert Anton Wilson from the Preface

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21 The Materialist had his first drug trip on December 28, 1962, in an old slave-cabin in the woods outside Yellow Springs, Ohio. With my wife, Arlen, and our four small children, I had rented the cabin from Antioch College for $30 per month and had an acre of cleared land to grow food on, 30 acres of woods to seek Mystery in. Farming was only partly supporting us; I was working as Assistant Sales Manager for a microscopic business, the Antioch Bookplate Company in Yellow Springs. But we had found (we thought) a way to escape the regimented urban hive without starving to death.

C. can both share the same "hallucination" of faster-thanlight UFO abduction to a planet called Lanalus where everybody goes naked, then maybe there is one interstellar broadcaster of such educational dramas. Maybe. Did a leprechaun leave the Simonton pancakes? The greenish-skinned, pointy-eared man I saw in 1963 has appeared in the folklore of many cultures who do not even use peyote. He has been seen most frequently, in recent years, as a humanoid extraterrestrial in various flying saucer reports by alleged Contactees.

We later saw exactly that happen to others, after the press really got into gear on this story and built up the hysteria to feverpitch. As it was, the Materialist simply suffered the usual delusion of the first trip: he thought he was reborn. After all, back then, he had Russell Kirk and the National Review—the. certified sages of sanctified conservatism—on his side. When, in the following weeks, it became sadly obvious that I was not entirely reborn, and that many neurotic, depressive 22 and egotistic programs still remained in my central computer, I was somewhat disillusioned.

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