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Converter pushed functions are utilized in additional and extra approaches. virtually any put in wind-farm, send drives, metal turbines, numerous boiler feed water pumps, extruder and plenty of different purposes function even more effective and financial in case of variable pace options. The boundary stipulations for a motor or generator will switch, whether it is provided via a converter. an electric computer, that's operated via a converter, can not be considered as an self sufficient part, yet is embedded in a process inclusive of converter and machine.

This publication offers an summary of present converter designs for giant electric machines. tools for the best calculation of laptop phenomena, that are implied by means of converters are derived within the energy diversity above 500kVA. it's proven how as a result converter inherent better voltage harmonics and pulse frequencies targeted phenomena are triggered contained in the computing device that are the cause of malfunction. it really is tested that extra losses create extra temperature raises or voltage peaks. The e-book describes how torque ripple can happen, which endanger the mechanical shaft method and final yet no longer least shaft voltages are precipitated, that are occasionally adequate in amplitude to wreck bearings or to disturb sensors of the safety preparations.

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20) where χ stands for the electrical conductivity and μ for the absolute magnetic permeability. The unit vector in axial direction is denoted ez. The merely axial electric potential gradient grad ϕ could be expressed by a source current density JS = – grad ϕ. g. would be zero for an open loop massive conductor circuit without grad ϕ being zero. g. the end ring in a squirrel cage induction machine. The vector potential Az is calculated in each node of the finite difference grid, fig. 4. χi,k Fig.

The machine voltage can be considered as the summation of its harmonics for the harmonic current calculation. An example of the harmonic content within the terminal voltage of a low voltage 690V converter is given in fig. 1. 100 Harmonic voltage amplitude (%) fundamental 80 60 pulse frequency and multiple 40 3rd harmonic (common mode) 20 0 50 100 150 Harmonic Fig. 2 in order to get the harmonic current content. Whereas the operational flux point will dominate the amount of iron saturation and therefore the main inductivities, the eddy current losses in the stator winding depend strongly upon the current frequency and have to be considered in the applied stator resistance.

1 Special Operation Points and Machine Model Integration into Circuits • First Kirchhoff-Law for m-1 independent nods:  0  1    0  . 0  .    0  .  0  = 0    0  .    0  . 0  .    • 33 . . −1 . . . . . . . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . . 1 .  I1   1   .  .   .   .     .  .   ⋅ I i  -1 0     .  .    .    . 18) Second Kirchhoff-Law for n-m-1 independent loops:  0  1     .

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