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By Bernhard W. Anderson

During this masterwork, one in every of America's prime biblical students takes a clean examine the theology of the outdated testomony. Anderson cuts his personal direction and offers us with inventive new insights on the entire significant sections of the previous testomony. He illuminates the nuances of a number of the covenants and theological shifts in a hugely readable kind. His dialog companions comprise the formative participants from either the Christian neighborhood (Eichrodt, von Rad, Childs) and the Jewish group (Heschel, Herberg, Levenson) whereas interacting with the newest advancements within the box, particularly Walter Brueggemann's Theology of the outdated testomony.

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If so, most e\'idences of this masculine-feminine n:latiol1l;hi p havc been cdi ted OUt in the process of the fonnat ion of the scri ptural tradition. The statement of the Shcrna, · Yahweh is our God , Yahwch alone- (Deut. 6:4 ). implies that Yahweh has no fcmale panner. Yabwrh vtfSlIS Baal Indeed, there was a spectal an imus against one aspect o f C .. naanitc U1lturc: th e worship o f Baal and Astane (Ishtar), thc Lord and the: lady. As we know from the Ras Shamra lite rarure, there was a Can....

Lho is beyond naming chooses to be know n by name. 10Mi (Lord ) with the sacred consonants (YH\X' H ), indicating thereby tha t this substirute form of addft'ss was 10 be read whenever t he telragrammaton is written. The translators of the King la mes Version d id not understa nd this li lera ry co nven tio n but read the given consonanlS and the subs tirute vo wels together, w ith the resul ting hybrid ro nn ·}eho vah .... This auirude of reverence, exprt:"Sscd in honoling Cod's na me, is certainly appmpria te in prayer and worship.

J /m,, ) -Ps. 89:5·7 The mythical langu age is retained in other psalms: Fo. Jod;. -Ps. 95:3, also 103:19·20 The book of Job, one may recall . opens with a scene in the heavenly council where "the heavenly beings" or "sons of Cod" co nven e before the high Cod (Job 1,6 ). 09]. tr;lns, 0 . :-1 C Stilker. 1 \'01.. , Harpt'r St Row, \ 962---65 ). 1,205. ch ~nd Ihe Gods The metaphor of the heavenly council is u~d in different ways. In Deut. eh , the sovereign of the council, assigns other gods the oversight of the provinces of various ~oples but re~fVes Israel as -Yahwch 's own portion: This is one way to deal with Ihe many gods, 10 PUI them under Yahweh's adminiSlTalive sovereignty.

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