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By Tony Tost

Complicated Sleep,Tony Tost's bold moment e-book of poems, leaps upward with an fabulous multiplicity of voices, utterances, and bursts. each one jump marks a yes and exact access right into a international of pictures, principles, and sensations that's model new—the precise accomplishment of any poetic work.The octet of poems that composeComplex Sleep includes a posh organism, audacious in scope, swiping at which means through language as fragmented track. Tost takes at the challenge of actual form, reorchestrates words in accordance with the alphabet, and writes himself into the hypnagogic kingdom among waking and dreaming. trained through their very own procedural constraints, those poems invent kinds that faucet the subconscious poetic, the very complexity embodied in sleep. all of the whereas, Tost reforms utterance past the mere epistemology of a lot modern poetry.Devising an cutting edge formalism instead of bearing on itself with getting to know the what,Complex Sleep isabout studying easy methods to say what has to be stated. bypass the opera, this publication plays.

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As if splashed with blood : as though a thigh smeared our little plane : the very breath.

Terror. The emperor ceases his daily trips and removes himself to his palace, which the shouting subjects now surround, carrying torches. Their footsteps are ever nearer as the emperor, in desperation, composes the story of his kingdom, which becomes, miraculously, his means of buying it back. 48 a n e m p e r o r’ s n o s t a l g i a a dozen for Leigh i. Future is. Embraceland. Standing forth, intimate, in an intimate space describing the apex of the future shape intended. At night. Points may suggest a circle as well, engulfed in mist : a mind if not holy, then in time : intimate : may you and I offer the other to the gods of attention.

And the holy hour takes hours I hear : years or hours of attention, without shelter, buying, rebuilding the kingdom as it wakes : a walk built upon the waters. Unwrit hour where the gods are awake, work complete. Whispers. 49 Inside the frame a window and below your whispers : the end of terror : and the word strays, spit unaltered from mouth to moth (to you). Bewilder’d into memory and not for memory : memory into language then, not unlike placing a mirror in the waters. I will extend my gaze—the blaze lays low.

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