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By David W Sollars

While you're drawn to knowning extra approximately acupressure and acupuncture, this advisor covers all features of therapy from deciding on a practitioner to follow-up excercises. It offers a entire directory of clinical illnesses from zits to menopause that may be healed evidently.

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See your acu-pro and find out even more that lies behind the beating of your pulse. Listening and Asking: The Hidden Arts An old adage states that you were given two ears and one mouth so you could listen twice as much. The truth of that statement is even more ringing in Oriental Medicine. Your practitioner will certainly take a thorough medical history from you, cover your symptoms, and want to know your preferences for hot or cold drinks and food 14 Chapter 2 ➤ What to Expect on Your First Visit—Does It Hurt?

24 Chapter 3 ➤ The Origins of Oriental Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Traditional Chinese medicine follows the 3,000-year-old principles of balancing the yin and yang of your body with its environment. These practitioners incorporate the science of all the natural forces that were observed and experienced by early healers (see Chapter 6, “How You Get Sick—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”). ” and a wide variety of other techniques are applied to keep you feeling fit. Like Goldilocks, you want your energy “just right,” for optimal health.

How could that be if it hurts so 18 Chapter 2 ➤ What to Expect on Your First Visit—Does It Hurt? much? The truth is, it doesn’t hurt at all. When you go in for your first acupuncture treatment, you’ll soon realize (as have all of my patients) that the insertion of the hairlike needle is either completely unnoticed by you, or you merely feel a slight pinch. Mailbag Helen worked as an executive secretary with much of her day spent doing keyboard and mouse work. She was in a high-pressure job where performance counts, and the growing discomfort in her wrists and arms worried her.

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