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By C. J. Cherryh

Whilst these extraterrestrial beings entities referred to as "humans" despatched their first exploration send into Compact area, the normal strength alliances of the seven Compact races have been catastrophically disrupted. And, giving shield to Tully, the single surviving human, Pyanfar Chanur and her pussycat hani staff have been pitched into the heart of a galactic maelstrom, changing into key avid gamers in an influence video game that could reason an intersteller warfare, or carry the final desire for peace among 8 slightly appropriate alien races.

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He had finally found out what lay outside his limits and what the universe was like-had found friends, b'gods, female friends and one who was even male, friends which she suddenly realized in grief that Khym had never had in all his adult life, excepting her and his other wives, and I them but scarcely: clan-lord, shielded from all contact with the world by his wives and his sisters and his daughters, he had finally come out into the real world to find out what it was, and he was not just her Khym anymore; or even Khym lord Mahn; he was something more than that, suddenly, long after he should have gone to die in Hermitage, outworn and useless-he grew up and became what he always could have been; discovered the universe full of honest folk and scoundrels of all genders, and learned how to win respect, how to ignore the barbs and become ship-youngest and work his way out of a second youth, with utterly different rules.

Too complete. '' "Hakkikt-" "You claim a great deal for yourself. Can you deliver more than words? " Her ears went flat. It took no acting at all. " A second finger lifted beside the first. "So I will give you Keia. " "He will go aboard The Pride. " "He's the best pilot-" "I know his skill. I know Kesurinan's, which is considerable. But she has less recklessness. I tell you how I will arrange things and you will accept them for your own good, hunter Pyanfar. Keia would betray your interests, left free to follow those he serves.

While the kif arrived in their fire-scarred airlock and prepared to deal with her niece and her cousin, both of whom had gotten scars before this at kifish hands. Don't foul it, Hilfy, don't give way-Gods, I should have called her up and sent-Geran? With Chur shot and Geran in the mood she's in? -not Haral, I need her. Not a place for the menfolk down there either. Hilfy's all right, she's stable, she'll carry it off all right- she knows the kif, knows them well as anyone-knows how to hold herselfO gods, why'd I ever let her and Chur go off the ship at Kshshti?

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