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Cut [−2, 2]l into 4l equal hypercubes of volume 1, and remove the 2l hypercubes included in [−1, 1]l . Let K 1 , . . , K 4l −2l be an arbitrary enumeration of the remaining hypercubes, and K˜ j ⊃ K j be the hypercube with the same center as K j , but with edges twice longer. Then suppφ1, j ⊂ K˜ j , j = 1, . . , 4l − 2l . 34 J. Unterberger 3. ,4l −2l be the family of dyadic dilatations of (φ1, j ), namely, φk, j (ξ1 , . . , ξl ) := φ1, j (21−k ξ1 , . . , 21−k ξl ). ,4l −2l ) is a partition of unity subordinated to the covering l l [−2, 2]l ∪ ∪k≥1 ∪4 −2 2k−1 K˜ j , namely, j=1 4l −2l φ0 + φk, j ≡ 1.

Moreover, any linear combination of the pairs (α, β), (α1 , β1 ) and (α2 , β2 ) also gives a solution of the system (37) and provides a system with invariant standard measure. Elastic deformations. Jurdjevic considered a deformation of the Kowalevski case associated to a Kirchhoff elastic problem, see [23]. The systems are defined by the Hamiltonians H = M12 + M22 + 2M32 + γ1 , where deformed Poisson structures {·, ·}τ are defined by {Mi , M j }τ = i jk Mk , {Mi , γ j }τ = i jk γk , {γi , γ j }τ = τ i jk Mk , where the deformation parameter takes values τ = 0, 1, −1.

3 2-valued group structure on CP1 , the Kowalevski fundamental equation and Poncelet porism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 47 51 52 55 55 56 59 1. Introduction The goal of this paper is to give a new view on the Kowalevski top and the Kowalevski integration procedure. For more than a century, the Kowalevski 1889 case [25], has attracted the full attention of a wide community as the highlight of the classical theory of integrable systems. Despite hundreds of papers on the subject, the Kowalevski integration is still understood as a magic recipe, an unbelievable sequence of skillful tricks, unexpected identities and smart changes of variables (see for example [1,2,4,11,14,17,18,20,22–24,26–29,32] and references therein).

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