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Our extensive studies of the brains of the dolphins gave us a faith that these were a sentient, compassionate, considerate species with a great computational capacity, comparable, in ;i strange way, to that of man. The longer we and others worked intimately with them, the more we realized that the large brain was used in the service of survival, of compassion, and of cooperation. In other parts of this book we present the neurological facts about cetacean brains and the similarity to the human enlargement of certain critical areas, areas in which the human brain has become enlarged over that of man's predecessors and of the apes.

Later she allows him to hit the window a glancing blow so that he will learn about glass firsthand. He does this only once. The next problem to the baby is finding the nipples and learning how to suckle. As his hunger and dehydration build up, he begins to seek the nipples and the mother presents them to the baby. The nipples on the dolphin are on each side of the genital slit toward the rear of the female. The two small slits contain the nipples, which can be sucked out or extruded into the water.

4. Forbidden to kill other dolphins, irrespective of species. ) 4. Exceptions noted: evidence in stomach contents: case of one old Tursiops. i To respond to aggressive action of another human with self-defensive" actions, iLiniaging or even killing if necessary. 5. To respond to aggressive action on the part of another dolphin with graded force short of bodily damage. 5. Same as Tursiops i» To interact in human society o iis to ensure one's own supply '>1 food. insport: one's own survival, • nir's own life-style, one's own nlv;iiicement in human societv.

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