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Following an intensive learn of Ezekiel 18 and 20, this publication bargains a redefinition and a brand new theoretical foundation for the idea that of company character. This idea is accordingly utilized to Ezekiel 18 and 20 to investigate the collective and person gains.

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71 Ezekiel 18:23 * The figura etymologica ‫( ֶה ָח פֹץ ֶא ְח פֹּץ‬which is preceded by the ‫ה‬-interrogative) expresses a certain denial, see GKC §150d. ‫ ֲהלוֹא‬in the second half of the verse expresses a certain affirmation, see GKC §150e. * The verb ‫ חפץ‬may be connected with a direct object, or as well with ‫ ְבּ‬. 73 The theological content of the saying and the parallels incline to the probability of the emendation, but do not make this necessary. The MT makes good sense. – The LXX reads τοῦ ἀνόμου and presupposes the article with ‫ ָר ָשׁע‬.

80 In all cases of Ezekiel: 7:19; 14:3,4,7; 44:12. This is also valid for the rendering in 7:19; 14:3,4,7; 44:12. ” Allen 1994 (267): “. . ” 83 Cf. Fisch 1985 (114). 84 See Cooke 1936 (204); Zimmerli 1969a (395); Elliger. v. ‫ פשׁע‬qal 1. 23. * The words ‫ ְבּמוֹת ַה ֵמּת‬describe an indefinite pronoun, see GKC §§ 139d, 144e; JM § 155h. – The conclusion ‫ וְ ָה ִשׁיבוּ וִ ְחיוּ‬is lacking in LXXB. 30). 30: ‫יכם‬ beginning of this verse: ‫לֹא ֶא ְחפֹּץ ְבּמוֹת ַה ֵמּת‬. More phrases may be assigned to one of the two imperatives.

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 15 And he sees them, but does not do such things. He does not eat on the mountains he does not raise his eyes to the dung gods of the house of Israel, he does not dishonor the wife of his friend, he does not oppress anyone, he does not take a pledge at all, he does not commit robbery, he gives his bread to one, who is hungry, and he clothes a naked person with a garment, he withdraws his hand from injustice, he does not take interest or usury, he keeps my statutes, he walks in my ordinances.

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