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During this quantity Jan Joosten brings jointly seventeen articles, released in journals and collective volumes among 1996 and 2008, with one unpublished essay. In those essays he bargains almost always with questions of language and interpretation within the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. lots of Jan Joostenâ€TMs reviews take their aspect of departure in a single or the opposite notable positive aspects within the language of the Septuagint, suggest a idea explaining its peculiarity, and pass on from there to narrate the linguistic phenomenon to wider ancient, exegetical or theological matters. Others take care of difficulties of technique in developing the historic history of the model, its relation to the Hebrew resource textual content, and its theology. Taken as an entire, Jan Joosten bargains an unique contribution to a few modern debates at the previous Greek model. significantly during this booklet he addresses from a number of views the questions of who the translators have been and what they attempted to do.

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36 The Translators’ Knowledge of Hebrew Appendix: Septuagint Renderings Based on Post-Classical Hebrew Item Classical ‫ אי‬not ‫ אי זה‬where? ‫בהל‬ ‫גל‬ ‫דמים‬ ‫חנף‬ ‫טרד‬ ‫כליל‬ to be disturbed stone heap blood to pollute to continue perfect ‫ מס‬corvée ‫ נשא נ׳‬to desire ‫ סוף‬reed ‫ סופה‬whirlwind ‫עדנה‬ ‫עמד‬ ‫פרש‬ ‫פשט‬ ‫קץ‬ pleasure to be standing to declare to raid end Post-Classical Septuagint Attestation woe which? ) The Knowledge and Practice of Hebrew in the Hellenistic Period Qumran and the Septuagint To anyone studying the history of the Hebrew language, the Dead Sea Scrolls are a godsend.

On the other hand, E. Tov has argued that the translators may well have been ignorant of a good many words and expressions occurring in their Vorlage, see E. ”, in A. P IETERSMA, C. ), De Septuaginta: Studies in Honour of John William Wevers on His Sixty-fifth Birthday (Mississauga 1984) 53–70. A question that has been studied much less is what kind of Hebrew the translators may have known. 2 English translations of the Old Testament are given according to the RSV. 4 How did this divergence come about?

A translation based on Late Hebrew will often, as in the example of Hos 12:12, sit somewhat oddly in the context. Where contextual exegesis can be ruled out, the hypothesis of linguistic interference becomes much stronger. Secondly, unlike postulated “forgotten meanings”, Late Hebrew elements can actually be attested from Hebrew texts. 1. Cases Involving Rabbinic Hebrew Usually, the case for Post-Biblical Hebrew influence in the Septuagint has been based on Rabbinic Hebrew. Thus Frankel explains the rendering of ‫מכמר‬, “net”, as µίεφθον, “half boiled”, in Isa 51:20 from Rabbinic ‫כמר‬, “to heat fruit by underground storage or exposure to the sun” (Jastrow).

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