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By Leonard Muscatine

Coelenterate Biology: reports and New views highlights examine components within which coelenterates are exceedingly necessary and fascinating experimental animals. It outlines the nation of data in coelenterate learn and attracts consciousness to a couple of the difficult difficulties which are amenable for learn. Coelenterates provide worthy fabric for lots of degrees of inquiry—from the inhabitants and organismic to the mobile, subcellular, and molecular degrees. they're specially appealing animals for experiences in developmental biology and behaviour.
The ebook starts via discussing cnidarians histology, targeting the sunshine and electron microscopy of cnidarian tissues. There are separate chapters at the skeletal method of cnidarians; the morphology, services, and chemistry of nematocytes; and some features of the large topic of cnidarian improvement. the next chapters care for cnidarian neurobiology, habit, locomotion, flotation, and dispersal; experimental reports on algae-cnidarian symbioses; and coelenterate bioluminescence. The ebook concludes with a dialogue of the structures of coordination and apprehensive method of ctenophores.

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