Download Clinico-Pathological Atlas of Congenital Fundus Disorders by Juan Orellana M.D., F.A.C.S., Alan H. Friedman M.D. (auth.) PDF

By Juan Orellana M.D., F.A.C.S., Alan H. Friedman M.D. (auth.)

Clinico-Pathological Atlas of Congenital Fundus Disorders is a concise but accomplished textual content encompassing the salient beneficial properties of congenital anomalies of the vitreous, retina and choroid with their applicable pathology. the quantity is split into medical sections facing many of the elements of vitreo-retinal problems together with genetic, vascular, infectious, and neoplastic entities. certain, instructive illustrations are paired with corresponding textual content for fast reference. Over two hundred illustrations improve the presentation, together with greater than a hundred ninety in colour. the fundamentals of anatomy, embryology, pathology and ocular genetics, in addition to tools of exam, also are mentioned. remedy guidance and visible diagnosis around out the dialogue. This booklet is a useful reference permitting the practitioner to quick examine the case to hand with the wealth of examples offered right here. the quantity will teach the resident and refresh the training ophthalmologist in quick spotting the plethora of congenital illnesses of the eye.

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Treatment for the keratitis can be lengthy while the uveitic manifestations can be difficult to control. Histologically, there is retinal necrosis with reaction of the RPE. The RPE forms a hyperplastic plaque where the necrosis is present. Selected Reading Cogan DG, Kuwabara T, Young GF, et al (1964). Herpes simplex retinopathy in an infant. Arch Ophthalmol 72:641-645 Cibis GW (1975). Neonatal herpes simplex retinitis. Graefes Arch Klin Exp OphthalmoI196:39-47 49 Figures FIGURE 7-l. Herpes simplex retinitis often appears as extensive yellow-white infiltrates and retinal hemorrhages.

Most cases are associated with central nervous system involvement. FIGURE 7-3. Histopathology demonstrates retinal necrosis and chronic inflammatory cell infiltration. (H & E) FIGURES FIGURE 7-4. Herpes simplex virus (HSV) as revealed by peroxidase stain. 51 Chapter 8 Luetic Chorioretinitis Congenital syphilis usually presents with a constellation of systemic and ocular findings. Ocular manifestations include cataracts, glaucoma, and, during the second decade of life, interstitial keratitis. Optic atrophy, vessel attenuation, and a peripheral "salt and pepper" fundus are the usual keys to this diagnosis.

Larval granulomatosis of the retina due to Toxocara. Br J OphthalmoI44:129-148 Nichols RL (1956). The etiology of visceral larva migrans: diagnostic morphology of infective second-_stage Toxocara larvae. J Parasitol 42:349362 Siam AL (1973). Toxocaral chorioretinitis: treatment of early cases with photocoagulation. Br J OphthalmoI57:700-703 Wan WL, Cano MR, Pince KJ, Green RL (1991). Echographic characteristics of ocular toxocariasis. Ophthalmology 98:28-32 Wilder HC (1950). Nematode endophthalmitis.

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