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By Stephen W. Delchamps

This e-book is a complete examine of the poetry of the British poet Gavin Ewart (1916-1995). The advent relates Ewart's poetry to Edward Mendelson's inspiration of "civil poetry." The chapters provide biographical details and talk about Ewart's poetry, his significant subject matters, his experience of the poetic "craft" and participation in a neighborhood of poets, and the sexually particular nature of his paintings.

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CE, 221). Ewart eventually got a ‘‘Two/One’’ in the English Tripos, a respectable performance. A. with honors in 1937. A. ) While Ewart was at Cambridge the Spanish Civil War broke out, and several of Ewart’s friends, including Worsley, Spender, and Giles Romilly, went to Spain to serve in various capacities. The Cambridge poet John Cornford was killed while fighting with the International Brigade in early 1937. Ewart has written of his admiration for Cornford and others who went to Spain in support of the Loyalist cause, but his own involvement in politics at this time appears to have been limited to canvassing for the Labour Party and writing a number of political poems, some with Communist sympathies.

H. Lawrence. Nineteenth-century contrasts come to mind: Blake’s prophetic books and Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound are vatic poetry; Byron’s Don Juan and the Barrack Room Ballads of Kipling are civil poetry. Even within the work of a single writer we can sometimes find evocations or depictions of the vatic and civil approaches to art. Consider the brothers Shem and Shaun in Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. In the words of Joseph Campbell and Henry Morton Robinson, [Shem] is typically in retreat from society; he is the scorned and disinherited one, the Bohemian, or criminal outcast, rejected by Philistine prosperity.

If we consider Ewart not exclusively, or even primarily, as a light verse writer, but rather as a civil poet, albeit one who often takes a humorous approach to serious material, we can begin to view his work in a more comprehensive way. For one thing, the persistent accessibility of Ewart’s language is certainly in line with the civil poet’s overall strat- .......................... 9040$$ INTR 01-04-02 10:08:06 PS 34 INTRODUCTION egy. Then there is his approach to form; civil poetry tends to favor the use of traditional forms and formal devices.

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