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By Robert F. Mueller, Surendra K. Saxena (auth.)

Chemical petrology is largely the actual chemistry of rocks and linked fluids, even though it additionally borrows seriously from such different sciences as mineralogy. by way of basics it's firmly grounded in chemical thermodynamics and kinetics. In its therapy of terrestrial environments it grades imperceptably into sedimentology, geochemistry, and geophysics and in extraterrestrial environments into cosmochemistry. it's the most vital branches of planetology and meteoritics. The harmony of strategy of thermodynamics and kinetics to approaches in those different environments is under pressure during this ebook by way of various examples which were selected to light up assorted points of the topic. therefore we now have mentioned in a few intensity such difficulties because the genesis of layered uncomplicated complexes, calc-alkaline batholiths, chondri tic meteorites, and the surface-atmosphere interplay of the planet Venus simply because those are vital and since they're quite strong illustrations of the chemical petrology strategy. substantial recognition additionally has been dedicated to volcanic techniques. In our therapy of metamor­ phism particularly, an try out has been made to correlate and combine the substantial variety of contemporary experimental, theoretical, and box stories. even though, we haven't tried a finished survey of all recognized rock varieties or occurrences, nor did we overview all of the different critiques and conclusions at the origins of arguable rocks. as a substitute we now have selected to emphasize interpretations we regard as following such a lot without delay from the evidence.

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9, shows the observed distribution of manganese. 12 2 Equilibrium of mineral systems The influence of one element on the distribution of another was first studied in detail by Kretz (1959). A particularly fine illustration is represented by his study of the distribution of vanadium among coexisting biotites, hornblendes, and garnets. 12. 1 0 shows the orderly distribution for biotite and hornblende. 11) shows an apparent enormous scatter, and on the basis of vanadium alone one could be inclined to doubt that equilibrium was attained here.

We have seen in the previous section that both pyroxenes apparently form almost ideal solutions so that no difficulty is encountered from this source. However. no such assumption can be made for the gaseous phase in any natural system. Since little is as yet known of the interaction of such species of H 2 0 with CO 2 , we can only speak of the fugacity of the latter gas. Actually quartz Ca-pyroxene C + Oz graphite gas Of the entire set of six reactions. only three are independent. Of course, there are also additional reactions which need to be considered for special information.

Representatives Montmorillonoids are characterized by a deficiency of sodium in the interlayers. and the property of water absorption and expandibility are direct consequences of this deficiency. From these relations we see that clays have a twofold aspect in relation to their energetic properties. The osmotic and ionic exchange processes, which have low activation energies and consequently operate on a short time scale. are dependent on the character of the Si-O tetrahedral and Al-O and Mg-O octahedral framework, the properties of which change only on a long time scale because of the high energies of activation involved.

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